1. Moderation is the key word for Dieting

2. Balance Diet and regular exercise is must

3.Take Proper rest, avoid late nights

4. Avoid fried food, sweets and outside meals as far as possible

5.Do not take any medicine, powder for weight reduction (it is harmful)

6. Meet your dietician before starting any diet plan

Sima Shah is a leading dietician of Ahmedabad. She is in this field since 1993.

In practice since last 25 years

After finishing her study, she understood how to strike balance between the food and the human body. She herself lost a lot of weight with improved health.

01.Count calories

03.Emotional eating


04.Children & teens

01.Take Control of What You Eat

03.Eat Frequently, and Eat Slowly

02.Eat More Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains

04.Cut Down on Sugar